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Title: Unmasked
Author: [ profile] gileonnen
Play: Richard II/1 Henry IV
Recipient: [ profile] gehayi
Characters / Pairings: Falstaff, Hal, Poins, Francis, Mistress Quickly, Richard II, Henry IV
Warnings: Profanity, drunkenness, fat-shaming language, mentions of the Vietnam War, alternate universe/alternate reality with superheroes
Rating: T
Summary: Falstaff wants to be a superhero. Hal isn't so sure that's a good idea.

Unmasked )
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Title: And Villeins Ye Shall Remain
Author: [ profile] angevin2
Play: Richard II, pre-canon
Recipient: [ profile] highfantastical
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Richard II, Henry Bolingbroke, with a couple of mildly slashy bits; references to Henry/Mary de Bohun and Richard/Robert de Vere that don't really affect the story
Warnings: fairly graphic discussion of severed heads, incessant monologizing, unsubtle dramatic irony, privileged people being all sad about being oppressors
Rating: PG for discussion of violence
Summary: Henry isn't coping very well with the aftermath of the Peasants' Revolt. Surprisingly, neither is Richard.
Notes: Many thanks to R. and A. for beta-reading, church-picking, and general support/handholding, and to M., who is largely responsible for most of my knowledge of the revolt. Details of events (insofar as they appear in this fic) are drawn from various chronicles, Nigel Saul's biography of Richard, and R.B. Dobson's book on the revolt, which is still fairly standard. The rumor about Richard letting the rebels into the Tower is drawn from Walsingham; I'm not sure whether it was actually current or just Walsingham maligning Richard after the deposition (it wouldn't be the only time he did this), but I couldn't resist mentioning it. Finally, I know the prompt asked for h/c, but I couldn't get Richard and Henry to have any sort of interaction that involves much comfort. They are essentially the opposite of it. I hope this will please nevertheless; it was fun to write.

Henry hasn't slept well since the rising. )
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Title: Mine Earthly Joy
Author: [ profile] speak_me_fair
Play: Richard II
Recipient: [ profile] lareinenoire
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Isabel, Richard.
Warnings: Thoughts of underage sex
Rating: R due to the above
Summary: Isabel knows what she wants, even if she cannot have it. And to know a thing is to make it true.

Mine Earthly Joy )
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Title: Kings of the Earth
Author: [ profile] highfantastical
Play: Richard II
Recipient: [ profile] speak_me_fair
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Richard II, the Duke of Aumerle, Anne of Bohemia (deceased)
Warnings: Grief
Rating: PG
Summary: Your crown and your heart are different things.

He couldn't die like a child made from mortal flesh, or like a queen. )
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Title: Strong Infection
Author: [ profile] speak_me_fair
Play: Richard II
Recipient: [ profile] angevin2
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Richard/Aumerle, Richard/Henry UST, Richard/Anne (past)
Warnings: AU. Zombie AU. Corpse Imagery. Fire. Tombs. Nightmares. Implied Sex. Richard POV.
Rating: R for imagery.
Notes: Historical age!Isabelle while everyone else really isn't. Sorry...
Summary: When there's an unidentified plague in Europe, shipping over a corpse from Italy just might be the most terrible plan in the history of terrible planning. Then again, who needs a reason to start setting things on fire? In which (mostly) everyone stays alive, brains are a highly prized commodity, Henry looks good in firelight, Richard is Richard, Edward is long-suffering, and no-one wants to know about Hal and the Percies.

Strong Infection )
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Title: Bestiary
Author: [ profile] likeadeuce
Play: Richard III
Recipient: [ profile] gileonnen
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Catesby, Ratcliff, Richard, Buckingham
Warnings: References to child prostitution and human trafficking, implication of past sexual abuse and psychological consequences. Also, in-character/societal ageism, lookism, sexism and ableism, which do not reflect the views of the author.
Rating: R
Notes: Space opera-ish AU. I'm not going to use the word "dystopia," but you probably wouldn't want to live here, any more than you'd want to live in 15th century Britain, though for somewhat different reasons.
Summary: Catesby, Ratcliff, and Buckingham are each, in their own way, Richard's creatures. Of course, if Richard has his way, so is everyone.

Bestiary )
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Title: Fit You With Position
Author: [ profile] likeadeuce
Play: Henry IV, I & 2
Recipient: [ profile] kerrypolka
Character(s)/Pairing(s): John of Lancaster, Prince Hal (genderswap AU)
Rating: PG
Notes: Shares a universe with And Follow Your Dreams Down
Summary: Janna wouldn't want you to think that her sister Hallie speaks for all the Bolingbroke children.

All of the old faces/Ask you why you're back/They fit you with position/And the keys to your daddy's Cadillac -- "Adam Raised a Cain," Bruce Springsteen

Fit You With Position )
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Title: Quot estis in convivio
Author: [ profile] kerrypolka
Play: Henry IVs
Recipient: [ profile] likeadeuce
Characters: Kate Percy, Harry Percy, Doll Tearsheet, Prince Hal, Falstaff, Mrs Quickly, Pistol
Warnings: Swears (including misogynist ones)
Rating: R
Notes: Modern AU (City of London, Eastcheap)
Summary: That was the problem with working with Harry Percy. For some reason, within ten minutes of starting a conversation with him, Kate's brain short-circuited and she was always left either mouthing wordlessly or finding herself saying things like, "So you thought it would be a good idea to punch Mervyn King at the Budget announcement?"

You couldn't really know where you were going, to get to the Boar's Head.  )
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Title: Is There Not Employment?
Author: [ profile] gileonnen
Play: 1 Henry IV
Recipient: [ profile] likeadeuce
Characters / Pairings: Bardolph, Mistress Quickly, Westmorland, York (Aumerle), Falstaff, Peto, Hal
Warnings: Cursing, inappropriate funereal conversations
Rating: PG
Summary: Bardolph isn't sure who he's spying for, after the Duke of York dies.

Is There Not Employment? )
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Title: This Keen Encounter
Author: [ profile] lareinenoire
Recipient: [ profile] the_alchemist
Play: Richard III, some 3 Henry VI
Characters / Pairings: Richard of Gloucester, Lady Anne; Richard/Anne
Rating: T
Warnings: Yorks behaving badly
Summary: Was ever woman in this humour wooed? Was ever woman in this humour won?
Notes: I couldn't resist this prompt, in spite of the play itself trying to argue against me. This fic takes some minor liberties with the chronology of Acts 1-2 of R3 in order to explain, among other things, how Clarence ended up with children old enough to talk when he got married in Act 4 of 3H6 and one assumes from the state of Henry VI's corpse that R3 begins within several days (maybe, if you stretch it, several weeks) of the end of 3H6 and that acts 1-2 take place over the space of several more days.

This Keen Encounter )


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