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Speaking of advertising, Nick Asbury's book on being in the Histories ensemble, Exit, Pursued by a Badger: One Actor's Journey Through History at the RSC, will be out on the 1st June, and he'll be doing a platform and book-signing at the National Theatre on June 23rd.

People will come into my bookshop and say "what is your number one must-read recommendation for this year?", and I will give them this book, and we will go out of business, for people only want the new Kite Runner or Harry Potter, and all I'll be willing to offer is a wonderful reminder of the best theatrical experience I ever had. XD
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Further to my previous fangirling, I now feel ready to unleash my latest project on the world.

For all those interested in following the careers of the RSC's Histories ensemble now it's over, I present to you: Beyond the Histories. It's a blog, purposefully and solely for keeping track of 'em all.

Any info I find or have other people tell me about will go straight up. Thanks to my sources for helping me out so far, and thanks in advance to anyone who may help in future. ^_^

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I loved the RSC's Histories Cycle too much to not try and follow the cast members in their further projects. They've started moving on with new projects, so here's what I've found out so far, and I would LOVE to hear about all the other cast members if you know something I don't!

Hope this is relevant enough. ^_^

James Tucker (most notable as Clarence in 'Henry VI'/'Richard III')
Kosykh in 'Ivanov' at the Wyndham's theatre, 12th September - 29th November 2008.

Richard Cordery (most notable as Buckingham in 'Richard III')
Russell Blackborough in 'Waste' at the Almeida theatre, 25th September - 15th November 2008.

Patrice Naiambana (most notable as Warwick in pretty much all of 'em)
Othello in 'Othello' touring Warwick Arts Centre, Hackney Playhouse, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Oxford Playhouse, Liverpool Playhouse, 30th January - 7th March 2009.

I wonder if they were *actually* most notable for their roles in 'Richard III', or if I just remember them thusly because it's the last one I saw. XD Anyhoo! I figured you guys might care for this info a little more than my theatrically-indifferent friends list. If you don't mind, I'll probably do this again, and if anyone can direct me to future appearances (especially of Geoffrey Streatfeild and Jonathan Slinger; I am SUCH a fangirl *sighs*), I'd be very grateful. :)
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Desktops from the RSC's Histories Cycle
8 total.


More here.

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I saw Richard II a few months ago and the rest of the cycle this past weekend, and took lots of notes. After (hopefully) making them more coherent, I posted them in my journal.
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Last weekend I was fortunate enough to see all of the RSC Histories at Stratford-Upon-Avon, and they were really rather fantastic.  I have (long and somewhat rambling) lists of the cool bits reviews of the individual plays in my journal if anyone's interested: Henry VI part 1, Henry VI parts 2 & 3 and Richard IIIRichard II and Henry IV parts 1 & 2, Henry V
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This community has been a bit quiet for some time, so I thought I'd post a review of the RSC production of Richard II. It's at my journal.

The short version: Brilliant.


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