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As you (may) know, Collective Bob, nominations for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide this year are opening in the not-too-distant future, and there has been a change to the rules: they're reducing the number of fandoms people can nominate from six to three.

Now, of course Yuletide is a fine excuse to get other people to write histories fic for us, or to write it for other people, but since there's a reduction in the number of nominations, I thought it might be nice to figure out who's willing to nominate things so as to minimize repeats and allow people to not lose a space on something that's already been nominated.

I can tell you right now that I basically always nominate Richard II, which is my when-all-is-said-and-done fandom, so that that's covered (in fact, I thought of this post because [livejournal.com profile] highfantastical mentioned that she felt no need to include it among her potential nominations on the grounds that I was obviously going to, and she has got me dead to rights).

Obviously nominations aren't going to open for a couple of weeks, but in case you are planning to nominate one of the histories anyway and would like to let us know, or if you want something nominated and don't have space, this is a good place for that sort of thing. :)
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For your convenience. Presented without comment, just a link with title, play, pairing or characters, and the rating -- I haven't had a chance to read all of them yet. Still, I can safely say that it was a banner year for histories fics!


And the Spare (Henry VI, York boys, PG)
An Exchange of Favours (Henry VI, York boys, AUish [modern-day]; PG-13)
Wooed and Won (Richard III, Richard/Anne, G)


regem angelorum imitari (Richard II, Richard & Henry, PG)
Winter: 1399 (Richard II, Richard/Henry, listed as G but this might be erroneous, as the content's a bit stronger than that)
My Day of Trouble (Henry IV, Hal/Scroope, R)
Chimes at Midnight (Henry IV, Hal & Hotspur, AU [WWI], PG-13)
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Hello! Just a heads up that fandom nominations for this year's Yuletide are open.

The more people there are who nominate history plays, the more likely they are to be included.

I think I'll be nominating Richard III (which already exists as a category), Henry V, "the Henry IV plays" and "the Henry VI plays". This is because the current "Henry plays" category bugs me a bit given how little the H4s have in common with the H6s. I'd be happy to write about any character in the H6s, but not in the H4s. I'll probably drop a note to the organisers to say that.

I expect it will all be in vain and we'll still get the Henry plays category, but I figured there was no harm in asking for them to be split. (And it's not as though there's actually a problem with there being Henry plays category - it's mostly just my OCD tendencies screaming at me that each set of Henrys is more closely associated with one Richard or the other than with the other Henrys. Plus a bit of "I only want to read and request history plays!")

I think I might also suggest Edward II...

EDIT: maybe I should just ask the organisers first what their attitude towards Henry-splitting is...
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I am perhaps not the only one who, spurred by the histories ficathon, is looking forward to this year's Yuletide Treasure.

This post is intended to point histories fans in its direction, because the more of us there are the more likely it is there will be histories!fic, and that is a good thing.

But it's also intended to suggest we get some kind of consensus about how our fandoms are categorised. Last year there was only 'the Henry plays', which seems to me to be a bit unsatisfactory. But how should it be done?

- One big 'Shakespeare - Histories' category?
- 'first tetralogy' and 'second tetralogy'? But what about people who get them mixed up - it's a bit confusing that the second one comes first in historical terms, and what about people who don't know what a tetralogy is but are fans of R3 or H5 or whatever?
- 'Richard II', 'the Henry IV plays', 'Henry V', 'the Henry VI plays', 'Richard III'?
- individual plays?

It seems to me that when it gets to the fandom requesting part of the schedule, in September, it would be better if we could all agree and ask for the same things so as not to confuse the organisers.*

* Although more histories-esque if we could have a giant schism over it, split into Team Whiterose and Team Redrose, and then maybe get assassinated by a bunch of Henry VIII and King John fans incensed at not getting included at all.


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