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I know a lot of people who are interested in The Histories Fandom but are kind of intimidated by the amount of stuff they don't know about either the plays or the period they're set in. So I thought, hey, we should have a resources post for things that might be helpful to histories fic writing -- stuff like, timelines, info about material culture, that kind of thing. Except that that's a ton of work and so I haven't done it yet. And then I was looking up some information about 14th-century underwear, because reasons, and I found this site, and that reminded me that I've been meaning to make this post, which I'll also make into a sticky to go along with the fic index. Eventually I am going to add the timeline that [livejournal.com profile] lareinenoire and I made that compares and contrasts the plots of the two tetralogies to what actually seems to have happened, just as soon as I finish the Henry V section.

Anyway, what kind of sites do you guys use when you need to look up in-period details? I'm especially hoping to get links on the 15th century, because my own collection, given my Richard II fixation, is slanted fairly heavily toward the 14th. I'll add anything you have in the comments to the main post.

Also, just a caveat: not all of these are hugely scholarly sites necessarily. Also some of the links on the del.icio.us pages no longer work; I'll clean them up later.

Stuff I have so far:

general )

people )

places )

court )

church )

letters )

time and money )

sex )

family )

clothes )

food )


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