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All ficathon participants have been accounted for, and this means it's TIME FOR A HISTORIES-FIC FREE-FOR-ALL. Unused prompts are listed below.

Histories Ficathon Madness is open to everyone, whether you are an official ficathon participant, someone hanging around because it's an interesting idea or because you liked The Hollow Crown, or if you signed up but had to default.

Here's how it works:

1. Pick one (or more) of the prompts below.

2. Write a fic of any length -- from drabble to big-bang-sized epic (if you can do that in three days, I will be incredibly impressed).

3. Send it to me at strangebrooch AT gmail DOT com AND/OR lareinenoire AT gmail DOT com by NOON CDT on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 (if you are writing for one of us, just send it to the other one, because mods like surprises too). Use the official format for headers:

Author: [will obviously not be visible at first; I'll add them later]
Warnings: [if any; please warn for common triggers]
Notes: [optional]

4. Profit!

These prompts are open to anyone, regardless of whether or not you originally signed up; instead of posting claims in the comments, just pick one and write. Also, ALL THE PROMPTS ARE LISTED BELOW EXCEPT PROMPTS ALREADY USED. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED FOR YOUR FIC, DO NOT CLICK THE CUT.

[livejournal.com profile] angevin2:

In general I am very amenable to pretty much any style (except for cod-Shakespeare, which I never really enjoy, so don't try to sound like Shakespeare), and I love radical AUs and meticulous period detail both. So do not worry if you want to do research OR if you think your premise is too wacky or both!

- MY STANDARD REQUEST, IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY OTHER PROMPTS, THIS ONE WILL ALWAYS, ALWAYS MAKE ME HAPPY: Richard II - Absolutely anything about this play would ROCK. Stuff I would particularly like this time includes:
-- Fic about Richard's relationship with John of Gaunt and all those other old dudes that are cramping his style. There is a lot of Daddy Issues stuff with Gaunt and Henry (which sounds really dismissive, but I did write basically all of it) but how is it different with Richard?

- Henry IVs -- I am always fond of fic centering on Henry himself and his many many issues. Leprosy and/or self-flagellation not requited but always welcome. Alternately, fic with Falstaff, who needs more love in fic, and his relationships with Hal and/or Doll Tearsheet. Also I have Sekrit Dreams of a conversation between Falstaff and Richard II, if you could make that happen (probably in an AU). Also there's a lot more Henry IV-related stuff under my Richard II prompts, because really, all of this stuff is basically the same text as far as I'm concerned.

- King John - Fic about the Bastard. Because he rocks. Even if he is just, like, hanging out with Eleanor of Aquitaine and drinking the twelfth-century equivalent of martinis. I would read the hell out of that. Or, more seriously, something post-play about him and Hubert would be cool (slashy or not), or something with him and wee!Henry III, or seeing his (original) family after the play or something like that.

[livejournal.com profile] gehayi:

1) Richard II/The Tempest. On his way back to England after his father's death, Henry Bolingbroke is shipwrecked on Prospero's island. Neither Henry nor Prospero deals well with this.

2) Richard II. What changes if Anne of Bohemia lives and retains at least some influence over her husband?

4) Henry VI Part 2. Margaret d'Anjou, Pirate Queen.

5) Henry VI Part 2. Eleanor Cobham really does have magical powers...and being under house arrest on the Isle of Man doesn't stop her from using them at all.

6) King John. While preparations are being made for the coronation of Prince Henry, a courtier seeks out Philip the Bastard in France and informs him that through some convoluted means, he's actually legitimate and the rightful heir to the throne. (This may or may not be true; it's up to you.)

7) King John. Arthur, Duke of Brittany, succeeds in escaping without any serious injuries--but now he's alone and impoverished and cut off from all of his allies. What does he do now?

8) Richard III. Plantagenets and Tudors in spaaaaaaaace! You can write them as humans, humanoid aliens, nonhuman aliens, artificial intelligences, ships and space stations...it's all good.

[livejournal.com profile] gileonnen:

1 Henry IV, Hotspur. Great Big Hotspur AU, please! A plot-based AU would be especially interesting here, 'What if Richard II hadn't been deposed' or 'What if Hotspur had been Henry IV's son rather than Northumberland's' or some such, but I am also craving space opera in a mean way.

1 Henry IV, Lady Mortimer. What's her perspective on her father's rebellion? What does she think of magic? How does she exert herself as a political agent? What does she think of her husband? Who are her friends, and who are her enemies?

In general, I like plotty gen, stories about soldiers and poets, culture clash, and anxious class-consciousness; I am ridiculously fond of AUs and tend to believe they go well with everything.

[livejournal.com profile] highfantastical:

(b) Henry/Richard - 1930s boarding school AU (this isn't pre-existing; I just thought of it and decided it would be v. cool).
(c) Aumerle/Richard - Shakespearecanon - the crossings to and from Ireland.
(d) Gaunt/Richard. YES, I WENT THERE. I know this is a completely horrible idea but I'm interested in how it would work (or more accurately NOT work) - n.b. though, I don't have any preference for this over the other requests, and I realise it's the one people are least likely to want to write as it's so squicky.
(e) Any other Richard II-centric fic, AU or otherwise. Gen or het also fine (more than fine: lovely) if writer prefers not to slash!

Random note: I prefer Jacobi!Richard because I totally imprinted on him when I first came to the play, but using another referent wouldn't spoil the fic for me.

[livejournal.com profile] kerrypolka:

a) I would love fic about and (or all!) of three characters in King John: the Bastard, Eleanor of Aquitaine and Blanche.

I like that the Bastard seems to have fairly healthy friendships with women (see the two above). I would love to read about the pseudo-grandmaternal relationship between him and Eleanor. Especially because they both have this great combination of being fairly chilled out but scarily competent, where it's like "Ha ha, man these negotiations are a bit awkward, aren't they? I'll be over in the bar making acerbic comments BUT SERIOUSLY IF THIS GOES WRONG I WILL END YOU".

I also ship Blanche/Bastard a bit, mostly because they hang out together and seem to get along (healthy friendships hurrah) and then when she marries someone else his reaction is really disproportionate (yes it's about disillusion a little but STILL). But also I find Blanche very interesting, because she seems to actually take her marriage very seriously even though it was a blatant political ploy. And how historically Eleanor picked her for the marriage even though she was the younger sister, because Eleanor thought she was more suited to queenship than her older sister Urraca, which, I want to know how that job interview went! Basically I <3 all three of them and the way they all seem to hang out in the back of John's camper van on the Great English Roadtrip (a modern road trip AU would be GREAT).

c) As always anything about Margaret of Anjou and Suffolk would be my favourite thing ever, especially AUs, especially when they are laughing and drinking and having a grand old time but also genuinely trying to fix some things with the kingdom (or wherever the AU is set HINT HINT), because Henry is very well meaning, bless him, but not exactly the best manager there's ever been.

[livejournal.com profile] lareinenoire

2. 2 Henry IV/Merry Wives of Windsor - The Many Wacky Adventures of Justice Shallow. How much of what he tells Falstaff is true? Does it even matter? How on earth did he end up in Windsor after living most of his life in Gloucestershire? What happens to him after Hal becomes king?

3. Richard II - Isabel fic! I want to know more about her. Feel free to age her up if that's more comfortable for you (Shakespeare and Daniel did it, after all), but I want to know what she really thinks of Richard, how she feels about his uncles and Henry, and if the minions are as creepy to her in 2.2 as they are to the audience? How much does she know about what's happening to Richard? What happens to her after the play ends? How does she feel about it?

4. Henry VIs mostly - AU. Henry V survives past 1422. Wackiness ensues.

5. Henry VI plays - Honestly, I'd read basically anything about Richard of Gloucester or about Margaret. Or York. Or...okay, fine, pretty much any character in these three plays. Not especially interested in porn, but shipfic is fine. If you want to write something meta about teaching or performing them, that is also totally fine. :)

[livejournal.com profile] likeadeuce:

General: AUs are always okay (either modern/20th or 21st century AU,
sci-fi/superhero or in period + magic or other elements; I'm not as
interested by AU in another historical period, unless there are
gladiators or pirates), as is any rating of slash, femslash, het, or

1. Henry IV, Part I -- Hotspur + Hal and some or all of the Boar's
Head crowd. Something wacky like Hal/Hotspur bodyswap is welcome and
encouraged, but pretty much anything that leads to Hotspur losing his
temper is fine. Go wild.

2. Henry IV, Part II -- Kate Percy & Doll Tearsheet. I'm not exactly
sure how getting these characters to interact would work but I'm
fascinated by the things they might turn out to have in common.

4. Richard II/Henry IV -- What is Falstaff doing during the events of
Richard II? What is his viewpoint on Richard's deposition/his
relationship with any Richard II-only characters, etc.

[livejournal.com profile] speak_me_fair:

Overall, Richard II -- Henry IV Part I in terms of time-span, and I am more than happy to receive canon setting, any and/or all AU scenarios, anything the author feels like, basically.

I am happy with deathfics (mostly since, you know. ROCKS FALL, EVERYONE DIES and it's pretty unavoidable most of the time, although of course I would not object to an AU in which this did not happen!), but no non-con.

Preferences include:

Hotspur/Kate, Hotspur/Douglas OR the three of them in any permutation. Action scenes adored and cherished (but probably not called George).

[livejournal.com profile] the_alchemist:

I'm going to be selfish and only ask for things involving Richard III this year. When I say 'Richard III' below, it includes Richard before he was king.

Richard III: What would a happy ending look like for Richard?

The Duke and Duchess of York and their four sons: Time travel.

Jane Shore / Richard III: Sex, kink, flirtation, relationship, running round having adventures together - it's all good. AU or canonical both fine.
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