Sep. 7th, 2012

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It is, once again, time for all authors to be revealed (we were going to give it a week and then we realized nobody comments much before the reveal because it's such a tiny ficathon it generally gives things away!) Here's a complete list of who wrote what in this year's ficathon. I'll also be updating the master histories fic list.

You're also free to post your fics at your own journals, at AO3, and wherever else you put fic.

Richard II

Strong Infection, by [ profile] speak_me_fair for [ profile] angevin2
And Villeins Ye Shall Remain, by [ profile] angevin2 for [ profile] highfantastical
Mine Earthly Joy, by [ profile] speak_me_fair for [ profile] lareinenoire
Kings of the Earth, by [ profile] highfantastical for [ profile] speak_me_fair

Henry IV

Unmasked, by [ profile] gileonnen for [ profile] gehayi
Fit You With Position, by [ profile] likeadeuce for [ profile] kerrypolka
Quot estis in convivio, by [ profile] kerrypolka for [ profile] likeadeuce
Is There Not Employment?, by [ profile] gileonnen for [ profile] likeadeuce

Richard III

Bestiary, by [ profile] likeadeuce for [ profile] gileonnen
Emeralds and Rubies, by [ profile] the_alchemist for [ profile] lareinenoire
This Keen Encounter, by [ profile] lareinenoire for [ profile] the_alchemist


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